About Us

At The Hut, it is a community for children and youth to feel safe, belonged and supported. We run Drop-in, educational programmes as well as whole-child developmental programmes so that every child can grow and flourish in their unique pathways. We also encourage our children and youth to contribute and serve actively so that they can go on to transform the lives of others.

Building Foundations

How might we enable these children to reach their fullest potentials thereby putting them on a path of social mobility?

This was the question that sparked the idea to design a family-centric, holistic pilot programme, looking at five main domains of a child: aspirations, character, education, financial values, and relational skills. In 2016, EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows* recruited 28 Kindergarten 2 and Primary 1 children from 24 families, and in 2017, we expanded to 45 children from Kindergarten 2 to Primary 6. By 2019, we started asking ourselves, how could we do more for these children and youths and even more of their friends in our community?

With the support of our children, families, the Marine Parade grassroots, partners, and patrons, EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows expanded from a programme to the independent organisation it is today – The Hut.

Today, The Hut function as a drop-in centre and serves all children and youths aged 5-15 years old in Marine Parade. On top of our flagship programme, EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows, The Hut also has a host of programme and activities offerings to our children and youths throughout the year.

*EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows is a joint programme with Life Community Services Society.

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