The Hut

A safe and welcoming space for our children and youth.

Anchored by values of respect, integrity, collaboration, excellence, and empathy, The Hut aims to create a supportive environment that fosters personal growth.


We are on a mission to Honour dreams, Unleash potential and Transform the lives of our Hut members.

A community of growth, unity, and empowerment

Honoring Dreams

We foster hopes and dreams by strengthening educational foundations and linking our children to varied resources, uplifting those affected by socio-economic challenges to thrive.

Unleashing Potential

We unleash potential by curating whole-child development programmes and create opportunities where children can learn, explore and grow in their unique pathways.​

Transforming Lives

We transform lives through developing a child holistically. We encourage each Hut child to contribute and serve actively to the community so that they can transform the lives of others. ​



The Hut aims to be a safe and welcoming space for our children and youth, where they can find support and a sense of belonging.

Today, The Hut functions as a drop-in centre and serves all children and youths aged 5-17 years old in Marine Parade.

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