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Honouring Dreams,
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Anchored by values of respect, integrity, collaboration, excellence, and empathy, we aim to create a supportive environment that fosters personal growth.

Our Programmes

Targeted at K1-P6 children from lower-resourced families with the aim of building strong educational foundations and bridging supportive relationships. It comprises of weekly group academic coaching for English and Mathematics, weekly mentoring, and parents’ engagement. EduGrow is a programme jointly owned by The Hut Limited and Life Community Services Society since 2016.

Aims to provide a safe space for children and youth to be constructively engaged, be connected to support and find a sense of belonging. Our drop-in space is open during Mondays to Fridays, from 2pm to 6pm. The space includes communal study areas, play areas, makers’ space, game station, and a reading corner.

With the aim of developing The Hut children holistically, various activities are conducted throughout the year at The Hut; as guided by The Hut’s Whole Child framework that covers 6 categories namely physical, cognitive, social-emotional, life skills, identity and creativity.

The Hut Youth Academy (HYA) is a programme targeted at youth members aged 13-17 years  old.  HYA aims to develop youth in the areas of Positive Youth Development (PYD) framework –connection, confidence, competence, character, caring and contribution, through safe and meaningful youth engagements targeted at life, skills-based and interest-based activities.

HYA also aims to support youth transition positively into adolescence stage through equipping them with skills, knowledge and resources that boost PYD outcomes, as well as connecting youth to the positive Hut community.

HYA will provide youth with leadership opportunities to empower and develop individual leaders. 

The Hut provides parental support to parents through four engagement sessions in a year where they can increase self-awareness, learn, share, and feel connected to others via a non-judgemental and safe environment while establishing an understanding that “they are not alone” in their journey as parents.

The sessions aim to provide the space and avenue for parents to learn more about themselves through their personal childhood experiences, regulation of emotions in times of stress, enhanced parenting skills, improved parent-child relationships, increased confidence, feeling more supported in their roles as parents, better understanding of child’s needs and development and prevention of problem behaviours.

Get Involved

Your skills, talents, and heart can make an incredible difference at The Hut. By volunteering with us, you become a part of our compassionate community dedicated to uplifting children and youth from vulnerable backgrounds. But it’s more than just a contribution—it’s about becoming a beacon of hope in their journey, helping them dream bigger, reach higher, and believe in their boundless potential. Be the ambassadors for the cause we believe in.

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